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Adjustable Dog Grooming Muzzle

  • Handy ADJUSTABLE dog muzzle will prevent unwanted barking, biting and chewing
  • Featuring strong mesh and nylon fabric with an adjustable muzzle design
  • Remember to never leave your dog unattended while wearing any muzzle
  • Please review the how to measure and size guidelines before ordering
  • Multiple sizes available to ensure you find the perfect fit
  • Measure around snout near nostrils, under chin, over nose
  • Quick clip adjustable strap
  • Quality nylon mesh, fits small dogs
  • Brand: Downtown Pet Supply – professional packaged with trademarked logo

Size:X-LARGE X- Large Dog Grooming Muzzle, Quality mesh muzzle, we have sold
thousands of these, satisfaction guaranteed! Adjustable around the snout and
behind the head. Fits snout circumference sizes 8″ – 11″ Caution: Never leave
your dog unsupervised while wearing this muzzle. Dogs are unable to pant and
are unable to cool their body when wearing this muzzle, do not use for longer
than 20 minutes and only under direct supervision.

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