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Top Dog Collar & Selection Guide 2023

Pets are part of our family and awareness of pet care has increased. We often take them on trips, walks, etc. Therefore, the choice of dog collar and dog leash is a part that cannot be ignored. The combination of dog leash and dog collar can provide comprehensive safety protection. Whether you’re a dog owner or a pet supply retailer, it’s important to stay on top of the latest dog collar and leash trends. When you’re choosing a dog collar wholesale supplier, it’s important to focus on quality, functionality, and safety in order to provide the best option for your dog.

We go through today’s popular and trendy dog collars and leashes, and you’ll find great designs in a variety of materials, patterns, and styles. Plus, some collars are water and odor resistant, ensuring your dog stays fresh and comfortable no matter the conditions. With years of experience, we have accumulated rich product resources and are one of the largest suppliers of pet products in China. Let’s take a look



1. Adjustable Reflective Dog Collar Wholesale

dog collar wholesale3

The adjustable reflective dog collar is a practical and safe option that provides a comfortable fit and high visibility for dogs. This dog collar features an adjustable design that can be adjusted to your dog’s size to ensure just the right fit and comfort.

One of the features of this wholesale dog collar is the reflective material, which has excellent reflective effect in low light environment. Whether on walks, outdoor activities, or nighttime adventures, your dog will always remain visible for added safety.

2. Ribbon Bow Dog Collar

Crafted from soft ribbon, this Ribbon Bow Dog Collar offers a sophisticated and glamorous look. It adds an elegant and lovely atmosphere to the pet, making it exude charming charm in front of everyone. The collar can be easily adjusted in size to ensure a suitable fit for dogs of different sizes, and every detail is equipped with a reliable buckle and metal hardware, which can provide a guarantee of safety and durability for pets.

Whether you want to wholesale cute dog collar, light up dog collars or cool dog collars, we can meet all needs at great prices.



3. Daisy Design Dog Collar Wholesale


This charming Daisy dog collar combines exquisite craftsmanship with high-quality materials. The well-cut fabric florets are matched with high-quality metal accessories, showing excellent texture and delicate design. This soft upholstery not only refreshes and revitalizes the pup without disturbing their comfort in any way. The adjustment feature ensures the right size for dogs of all sizes. Whether it’s casual chic or a formal occasion, this daisy embellished dog collar will add a dash of class and style to your pet.

Every year Komo keeps collecting the latest pet supplies trends, ensuring that our customers can easily find products that are hot selling in their country. We have established stable cooperative relations with many customers.

4. Removable Bow Tie Dog Collar

This removable tie dog collar is crafted from soft velvet for a comfortable and luxurious feel. The most special feature is that its bow tie decoration can be disassembled at any time, allowing the dog to switch styles as he likes, whether it is a daily stroll, a formal dinner, or even a romantic grass wedding, it can show a distinctive look Charming.

5.  Dog Collar Wholesale


This waterproof and odor resistant dog collar is the perfect accessory for your adventurous pooch! It uses special waterproof material. No matter it is rainy day or wet environment, it can keep you dry and clean. What’s more, it also has anti-odor function, which can effectively inhibit the generation of peculiar smell and keep the dog fresh all the time. Whether it’s a lakeside walk, beach day, or outdoor adventure, you can rest assured your dog will be enjoying it without worrying about getting the collar wet or smelling bad.

If you want to wholesale pet supplies from China, then Brobopet can give you the best experience. Contact us for the latest catalog of pet leashes, pet bowls, pet beds and more.


Main Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog Collar

When you want to choose the perfect dog collar for dog, here are the most important things to consider:

Fit: A well-fitting dog collar is crucial. It should be able to fit your dog’s neck without slipping or being too tight. Pay attention to the material of the collar, especially if it has some stretch, and make sure it is adjustable.

Functional Design: Choose the right design according to your needs. If you just need a basic collar, the dog tag can be attached and used with a leash. But if your dog tends to break free easily, or you need more support to control an active dog, a collar with a more specially designed design may be more suitable for you.

Style and Appearance: Dog collars are available in a variety of materials, colors and patterns, so you can choose the right style according to your personal preferences and the characteristics of your pet. Choose a collar that looks stylish and coordinates with your pet. Fashion and function don’t conflict, and you can find dog collars that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Quality & Durability: Make sure to choose a dog collar with good quality and durability so that it can stand up to everyday use. Look for pet product suppliers with good word-of-mouth and positive reviews for extra security.


Whether you’re looking for on-trend dog collars, or other high-quality pet supplies at wholesale prices, look no further than Brobopet. As a brand focusing on pet supplies, Brobopet is committed to providing you with the best quality products. We lead the trend of pet products, providing wholesale dog leash, dog clothing and other pet products to ensure that pets have perfect matching.

Whether you are a pet store owner, pet supplies wholesaler or importer, Komo is your trusted partner. So, look no further! Come and experience Komo’s excellent quality and outstanding service!

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